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TRU Staffing Partners Announces Multiple Staff Promotions

TRU Staffing Partners, a globally recognized award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in data privacy, e-discovery, and cybersecurity, today announces the promotions of three members of the executive leadership team in both recruitment and account management as well as business development.

Tuesday, 02 February, 2021
No More ‘Strategic Advantage’? Remote Legal Tech Job Market Means More Competition

Many legal tech companies have grown more comfortable with the prospect of hiring top candidates who don't live in proximity to a central office location. But a shift to a larger talent market could increase the level of competition among both job seekers and employers. Frank Ready quotes TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia multiple times in “No More ‘Strategic Advantage’? Remote Legal Tech Job Market Means More Competition.”

Jared Coseglia quoted in Legaltech News

Wednesday, 27 January, 2021
TRU Tips

By Q2 2021, it will be a candidate’s job market again in privacy and ESI. (It’s always a candidate’s market in cyber).

TOP 3 Reasons Privacy And ESI Job Markets Will Favor Candidates In Q2
  • Privacy talent demand is growing faster than qualified candidates are entering the talent pool.
  • ESI corporate and law firm clients are demanding such a high caliber of excellence from vendors that both more and better talent are required to deliver customer satisfaction.
  • Top tier talent left jobless by the pandemic will be almost completely snapped up by the end of Q1, raising the relative value of quality talent still available.
Wednesday, 27 January, 2021
Top 10 2021 Job Market Predictions in Legal Technology

Take a look into the TRU crystal ball with “Top 10 2021 Job Market Predictions in Legal Technology!” This marks the sixth consecutive year TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia has offered his vision for the twelve months following publication. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of his tips and advice about legal tech in cybersecurity, e-discovery, and privacy and read the article HERE!

Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
TRU Tips

The Relativity Certified User (RCU) exam has been renamed to the Relativity Review Management Specialist exam.

TOP 3 Reasons To Give People The Opportunity To Say "No"
  • It empowers them.
  • It ingratiates them to you.
  • It allows for more honest communication.
Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
2021 State of the e-Discovery Union: The Predictions Webinar
Thursday, 14 January, 2021
Restructured Roles Are Coming for Post-Pandemic Offices

Each week, the Barometer newsletter, powered by the ALM Global Newsroom and Legalweek(year) 2021, brings you the trends, disruptions and shifts our reporters and editors are tracking through coverage spanning every beat and region across the ALM Global Newsroom. The micro-topic coverage will not only help you navigate the changing legal landscape, but also prepare you to discuss these shifts with thousands of legal leaders at the new year-long virtual series Legalweek(year). This week, TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia was quoted and provided TRU stats to the newsletter.

Jared Coseglia quoted on

Thursday, 14 January, 2021

TRU CEO Jared Coseglia joins David Horrigan and friends on Thursday, January 14 at 1:00pm ET for Relativity’s annual “State of the e-Discovery Union: Predictions” webinar! See Relativity’s Horrigan and Constantine Pappas discuss the predictions of e-discovery’s leaders and luminaries by registering for free HERE!

Thursday, 14 January, 2021
TRU Tips

There should be no more than one week between rounds of interviews.

TOP 3 Reasons Legaltech Candidates Decline Offers In The Pandemic
  • They now have multiple competing offers as the job market rebounds.
  • Employers take too long to make hiring decisions and candidates pull out of the process as a result.
  • Offers are well below market rate and candidates are no longer accepting "pandemic" compensations.
Wednesday, 13 January, 2021