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ALSPs' Contract Expert Hiring a Product of Newcomers' Quick Growth

While new alternative legal service providers (ALSPs), or those that have launched a new service, are fast building up their contract teams, most established ALSPs aren't in a rush to add contract tech experts to their staff. Victoria Hudgins of Legaltech News asked for TRU's Jared Coseglia to weigh in with his deep market knowledge.

Jared Coseglia quoted in Legaltech News

Friday, 11 September, 2020
TRU Tips

If you're working from home and your children are engaged in remote learning, scheduling everything from device time to family time is helpful for balance.

TOP 3 Strategies For An Engaged Family Working Remotely
  • Create dedicated space in your home for work and school to minimize distractions and ensure you can "leave" when the day is done.
  • If financially possible, every member of the family should have their own device.
  • Schedule everything: tasks, breaks, meetings, "water cooler moments," story time, dinner time, so that things get their appropriate weight in allocation.

Tip and TOP 3 courtesy of Jared Coseglia on "Tech on Tuesday: Best Practices for Working or Schooling From Home" on Michigan's 9&10 News

Thursday, 10 September, 2020

TRU’s Director of Recruitment and Account Management Sarah Roberts will join a panel discussion at Women in eDiscovery’s San Diego chapter meeting on September 9 at 3:00 p.m. ET. Register HERE!

Wednesday, 09 September, 2020
Tech on Tuesday: Best Practices for Working or Schooling From Home
Wednesday, 09 September, 2020
Temp Workers May Struggle to Find a Regular Desk in Corporate Legal

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, corporate legal departments may be relying more upon contract or temporary workers to help prevent burnout among overworked employees or round out the expertise needed to tackle high stakes issues like privacy. However, the question of whether a temp gig can lead to permanent employment may have no easy answers. Corporate Counsel reporter Frank Ready checked in with TRU's Jared Coseglia for his input.

Jared Coseglia quoted in Corporate Counsel

Thursday, 03 September, 2020
TRU Tips

In an interview, don't inadvertently point out your shortcomings.

TOP 3 Phrases To Avoid In An Interview
  • "I know I don't have X certification yet, but I'm going to get it."
  • “I know you want someone who has done X; I haven’t but know I could pick it up quickly.”
  • ”I think my experience is broad enough even though you were looking for someone with more years of experience than me."
Wednesday, 02 September, 2020
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners Announces “Starved for Content Tour,” a Third Quarter Full of New and Original Content about Data Privacy, Security, and e-Discovery

TRU Staffing Partners, a globally recognized award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in data privacy, e-discovery, and cybersecurity celebrating ten years of service to the legal technology industry, today announces multiple speaking engagements and the release of soon-to-be-published original content to be offered free of charge to the public. The TRU “Starved for Content Tour” aims to deliver important insight and valuable, data-driven content to the legal technology community about the current and future state of the legal tech job market.

Tuesday, 01 September, 2020
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners Introduces New Amazon Alexa Skill

TRU Staffing Partners, a globally recognized award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in data privacy, cybersecurity, and e-discovery, today announces the release of their new Amazon Alexa skill, which currently provides TRU’s Tip of the Week and Top 3 from their weekly Hot Jobs Newsletter.

Friday, 28 August, 2020
TRU Tips

Response time is a key indicator of the depth and importance in a business relationship.

TOP 3 Worst Ways To Solicit Business On LinkedIn Connections
  • “I see we have connections in common,” when connections are scarce or nonexistent.
  • “I am always looking to expand my network.”
  • “Maybe you’ve been too busy to respond to my previous outreaches.”
Thursday, 27 August, 2020