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TRU CEO Jared Coseglia will be presenting "The State of the Industry: e-Discovery, Cybersecurity (and Privacy)" at Enfuse 2018 on Wednesday, May 23 at 3:30pm. This session will bring insight on where the industry has been and where it is headed and will provide attendees with information to help them professionally. Be sure you don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind presentation!

Wednesday, 23 May, 2018
TRU Tips

The cultural mindset of employees in America is that they should not have to share paystubs to verify compensation. They find the request invasive and feel it is used for determining their compensation unfairly.

TOP 3 Geographies That Have Passed Laws Banning Salary History Requests
  • New York City
  • California
  • Vermont
Wednesday, 23 May, 2018
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners and ACEDS Announce “Ask the Experts: I Want to Be a Manager”

TRU Staffing Partners, an award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in e-discovery and cybersecurity, and the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists, part of leading legal education provider BARBRI, today announced the companies are bringing “I Want to be a Manager” to their “Ask the Experts” webinar series.

Wednesday, 23 May, 2018
On #BakersDozen: Jared Coseglia, Founder & CEO of TRE Staffing in Interview with High Performance Counsel

Want to learn about TRU CEO Jared Coseglia and his insight into the legal industry? Check out his interview with High Performance Counsel’s #BakersDozen! Coseglia answers questions on how he came to be in the legal business, his greatest triumph and success in the legal services field, where the legal industry is headed, and more!

Jared Coseglia interviewed by High Performance Counsel

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018
A Battle Cry for Penetration Testers: Try Harder! Earn Your OSCP Certification

Want to learn how Offensive Security’s OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) accreditation stands out from the crowd for proactive cybersecurity and beyond? Read Part Thirteen of TRU CEO Jared Coseglia’s certification series for Legaltech News,A Battle Cry for Penetration Testers: Try Harder! Earn Your OSCP Certification.”

Written by Jared Coseglia for Legaltech News

Monday, 21 May, 2018
TRU Tips

Most hiring managers spend 90 percent of their time looking at the first page of your resume and 10 percent on the rest.

TOP 3 Mistakes To Avoid On Your Resume
  • Don’t list tenure at the same employer as different dates—breaking up the dates based on the positions you held at the same company will make it appear at first glance as though you have moved around more than you have.
  • Don’t have an objective—your objective is to get that job. Try changing to a thoughtful summary.
  • Don’t list irrelevant details about your personal interests—keep your potential employer focused on why you’re a good fit for the job you are applying for. Wine clubs and yoga might be good conversation starters, but they also distract from the focus of the interview.
Wednesday, 16 May, 2018
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners CEO to Present “State of the Industry” at Enfuse 2018

TRU Staffing Partners, an award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in cybersecurity, e-discovery and privacy, today announces the company founder and CEO Jared Coseglia will be speaking at the OpenText/Guidance Enfuse Conference taking place May 21-24 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Coseglia’s session is titled “The State of the Industry: e-Discovery, Cybersecurity (and Privacy)” and will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. PDT in room Roman II. The session will discuss industry hiring trends and strategies for career and staffing success in cybersecurity, e-discovery and privacy and will cover a variety of topics, supported by market data and analysis to quantify observations and provide recommendations for future employee and employer success.

Tuesday, 15 May, 2018
TRU Tips

The ability to lead others comes from the experience of having been led by someone excellent at leading. Using examples of this to describe the foundations of your leadership principles and values on an interview can be useful.

Top 3 Ways To Breed Employee Loyalty
  • Making mistakes is ok! (Just not the same mistake twice.)
  • Visibly defend; privately reprimand.
  • Give someone an opportunity no one else will.
Wednesday, 09 May, 2018
TRU Tips

People rarely quit jobs, but often quit their bosses.

Top 3 Ways You Can Be A Better Boss
  • Empathy: When things get personal, be empathetic and go out of your way to accommodate for life’s unexpected moments.
  • Honesty: Employees want to feel they are getting candid and transparent feedback.
  • Mentorship: Teach employees things they don’t know; give them experience and exposure they would not otherwise have access to (which means you can’t always hire a nine out of ten).
Wednesday, 02 May, 2018