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The Power of Certifications In the Legal Industry - Part One

Want to learn more about the key paths and the corresponding certifications for lawyers—and nonlawyers—to successfully administer a career in the security, privacy, or legal technology industries? Read Part One of TRU CEO Jared Coseglia's two-part article for the National Law Journal's Cybersecurity Law & Strategy "The Power of Certifications In the Legal Industry." This article serves as a roadmap for certifications that can give you the skills and leverage to move vertically or horizontally in your career!

Written by Jared Coseglia for National Law Journal's Cybersecurity Law & Strategy

Tuesday, 01 May, 2018
TRU Tips

Understanding how a company has changed over the years is a key indicator of individual professional growth potential when considering joining the company.

Top 3 Signs Of A Maturing Company With Growth Potential
  • Reinvention—if an organization goes through reinvention it is a sign of maturity. Doing the same thing time and time again will likely mean growth is limited in that industry or company.
  • Surrounded by Promotions—if others you interview with are in their current positions as the product of promotion, it is a sign of maturity. This is also a sign you can get promoted one day too!
  • Add2Staff—if the positions around you are add-to-staff hires, as opposed to replacements, it is a sign of maturity – and a great thing to know going into an interview for a job!
Wednesday, 25 April, 2018

TRU Staffing Partners and ACEDS, along with the Women in eDiscovery Iowa Chapter, will be hosting a webinar titled “I Want to Be a Manager!” on April 19 at 1:00pm ET. One of the most frequent questions from legal technology professionals in the middle-beginning of their career is “How can I become a manager of a department?”

Thursday, 19 April, 2018
ISACA Turns 50 Next Year, But Isn’t Too Old to Reinvent

Want to find out how ISACA is helping to bridge the gap in today’s high-demand-low-supply security job market? With a new comprehensive cybersecurity performance test to validate technical skills, ISACA continues to reinvent its core competences and redefine its role within the information technology and governance ecosystem. Click here to read TRU Staffing Partners CEO Jared Michael Coseglia's article “ISACA Turns 50 Next Year, But Isn’t Too Old to Reinvent,” Part Twelve of TRU’s certification series written for Legaltech News!

Written by Jared Coseglia for Legaltech News

Monday, 16 April, 2018
TRU Staffing Partners Q1 2018 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2018 has been an explosive and dynamic one for cybersecurity, e-discovery, and especially privacy professionals. There is no doubt that Q1 2018 was a tipping point for privacy as a profession and that certainly impacted the job market. Privacy professionals are in high demand, and TRU Staffing Partners is capable of delivering quality candidates to corporations and consulting/law firms. TRU is also helping hundreds of professionals make the transition into privacy from tertiary disciplines like InfoSec and legal technology. Read all about our deep commitment to representing veteran and up-and-coming privacy professionals and our perspective on privacy as a professional pathway in this quarter’s newsletter!

TRU Staffing Partners Q1 2018 Newsletter

Friday, 13 April, 2018
TRU Tips

There is a difference between a controller and a processor in data privacy. A controller is the person (or business) who determines the purpose for which the personal data is processed; the processor is anyone that processes the personal data on behalf of the data controller.

Top 3 Takeaways From The IAPP Global Summit 2018, Part Two
  • Federal agencies are adding privacy programs into their information system development lifecycle using the Risk Management Framework, which is basically a data map of system information flows and information security protocols tied in with privacy risk analysis.
  • Companies must view the replacement of the 1995 standards with the new GDPR standards as an opportunity to develop and implement data governance, protection and privacy within the companies’ and consumers’ expectations. There are four big points: segment (initial screening), controls assessments (documentation), ongoing monitoring (audits and risk-based monitoring), and remediation (restricted limitations, scheduled improvements, and geographic limitations).
  • Bank CPOs are constantly met with new challenges and must work within legal/regulatory compliance, risk management, etc. It's crucial for CPOs to have an open line of communication with CISOs during data decisions, rather than enter the picture when there is already a major incident response.
Wednesday, 11 April, 2018

Want to know how to bridge the gap in cybersecurity skills? TRU CEO Jared Coseglia was quoted in Security Boulevard’s article “Seven Steps Toward Bridging the Cybersecurity Skills Gap.” Building an effective cybersecurity team is no mean feat. Hiring managers struggle to find experienced talent today and according to the most recent figures from ISACA, one in three organizations say it takes six months or longer to fill any given security position.

Jared Coseglia quoted by Security Boulevard

Tuesday, 10 April, 2018
Press Releases
TRU Staffing Partners Announces Recipients of 2018 Cybersecurity & e-Discovery Scholarship Program

TRU Staffing Partners, an award-winning search firm representing talent and opportunities in cybersecurity, e-discovery and privacy, today announces the recipients of the 2018 TRU Staffing Partners Scholarship Program. Leading institutions partnered with TRU Staffing Partners to offer educational opportunities and training for job candidates in the security and legal technology industries. This year marked a more expansive and voluminous program than all six prior years and dove into diverse areas of discipline including mobile forensic collection, data analytics, processing of litigation data, incident response and remediation, back-end infrastructure and application domain expertise, SOC optimization skills and technical attorney review expertise.

Monday, 09 April, 2018
TRU Tips

There are 38,000 data privacy professionals across the globe but the scope of the GDPR will require 75,000 or more.

Top 3 Ways To Fill The Privacy Gap
  • As of this past February, the ABA is now recognizing Privacy as a specialty law practice—the ABA has only recognized 15 in history. This is a big win for the IAPP and shows how serious people are about the growth of the industry.
  • Privacy professionals need to be created rather than found as there are not enough professionals to fill the gap. Peter Lefkowitz, Director of the IAPP and Chief Privacy & Digital Risk Officer at Citrix, made the suggestion to search laterally within compliance, legal, and security divisions for candidates to train internally and through the IAPP.
  • The IAPP is launching privacy engineering workshops for hands-on technical info security engineers.
Wednesday, 04 April, 2018