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When one or two vendors in ESI go through aggressive hiring cycles, peer vendors experience the exact opposite with attrition—and then the cycle continues.

TOP 3 Takeaways From "Ask the Expert" With TRU And EDRM
  • The majority of webinar participants currently working remotely do not want to go back into an office, and many would take a pay cut to stay remote.
  • E-discovery hiring is happening faster now than ever before for two reasons: There is more work to do than there are workers to do it, and remote work has opened up the talent pool up to the whole country.
  • If you had to take a step back from your career during the pandemic, make sure to have specific, authentic responses about what you have done/are doing to stay relevant during your time away.

Watch "Ask the Expert" With TRU And EDRM here!

Wednesday, 19 May, 2021
Ask the Expert: Pandemic Re-entry Job Strategies
Tuesday, 18 May, 2021

On May 18 at 1:00 p.m. ET Coseglia will team up with Kaylee Walstad and Mary Mack at Electronic Discovery Resource Model (EDRM) for a new webinar to address how legal technologists can thrive in the rebound from the pandemic. Register HERE!

Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
TRU Tips

When asked a hypothetical on an interview, attempt to redirect the answer with a specific example from your work history that addresses the intent behind the interviewer’s question.

TOP 3 April Jobs Report Takeaways
  • 266,000 jobs were added – that means the U.S. is still down about 4 million jobs from its pre-pandemic peak, with 9.8 million still unemployed.
  • Unemployment rate rose to 6.1% from 6% as labor-force participation rate ticked up to 61.7% from 61.5%, which means a few more Americans started looking for work.
  • Americans are trying to come back to work – 2.8 million Americans said the pandemic was the main reason they didn’t look for work in April, but that’s down from 3.7 million people in March.
Wednesday, 12 May, 2021
Hiring Process for Privacy Professionals
Wednesday, 12 May, 2021

TRU Vice President of Recruitment and Account Management Sarah Roberts joins PrivacyRef founder and President Bob Siegel and Senior Privacy Consultant Benjamin Siegel on May 11 at 1:00pm ET to aid privacy pros looking to thrive during the job search and hiring process. Topics will include workforce evolution, how to transition into privacy, and how to stand out within the vertical. Register HERE!

Tuesday, 11 May, 2021
Legal Departments May Want Recent Grads—But Do Recent Grads Want Them?

Corporate legal departments that have traditionally targeted more experienced attorneys for job offers may now be more willing to hire recent law school graduates. However, those circumstances may quickly reverse themselves as businesses continue to recover from the pandemic. reporter Frank Ready asked TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia for his input.

Jared Coseglia quoted in Corporate Counsel

Thursday, 06 May, 2021
TRU Tips

San Francisco is the most difficult city to hire both privacy and ESI talent.

TOP 3 Ways To Sift Through A Pile Of Resumes
  • Read through not just for what they did, but how they impacted a business.
  • Look for resumes with a strong career summary at the top that articulates who the candidate is and what they have achieved.
  • Maintain a zero-tolerance policy for formatting, grammatical, and typographical errors.
Tuesday, 04 May, 2021
ABC12′s new Job Whisperer segment aims to help get mid-Michigan back-to-work
Monday, 03 May, 2021