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TRU Tips

When an interviewer asks what you want to do with your career, don't answer the question by telling your history. Give them the future.

TOP 3 Emerging Jobs In The Privacy Sector
  • Privacy Technical Project Managers
  • Privacy Product Managers/Directors
  • CCPO or CDPO (Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer or Chief Data & Privacy Officer)
Wednesday, 04 March, 2020
TRU Tips

The market is ripe to transition your career from e-discovery into data privacy.

TOP 3 Ways To Transition Your Career From ESI To Data Privacy
  • IAPP: Become a member, get certified, attend community events, and self-educate.
  • Volunteer: Offer to write your company’s privacy policy or join CCPA/GDPR working groups.
  • Know Why: Having passion for data privacy and being able to articulate the why behind your interest carries weight with hiring managers.
Wednesday, 26 February, 2020
TRU Tips

DSAR = Data Subject Access Request

TOP 3 Similarities Between DSAR And Discovery Request
  • Both require collection, processing, and production of data.
  • Both require talent and technology to project manage the process.
  • Corporations aim to automate these processes internally, but still rely heavily on external vendors for support.
Wednesday, 19 February, 2020
TRU Tips

The topical prominence of data privacy at Legalweek 2020 indicates the viability and perhaps vastness of a career in data privacy.

TOP 3 Takeaways From Legalweek 2020
  • Privacy is here! There were lots of fresh faces and brands all over the exhibitor hall with plenty of software designed for data privacy and governance in the mix. Sessions fully dedicated to privacy careers were on the agenda for the first time.
  • Aside from exhibitor floor traffic, for most vendors the event is all about connecting with existing clients. The hope of net new relationships and revenue seemed dimmed and the focus almost holistically was on getting closer to those you already service.
  • Gender disparity was a recurring theme this year. ALM started the conference by sharing stats about gender splits on law school grads versus law firm equity partners. The gap is still huge.
Thursday, 13 February, 2020
TRU Tips

People who leave the ESI industry and want to come back need compelling reasons to provide to their future employers for why they are returning.

TOP 3 Reasons People Return To e-Discovery
  • Passion for the industry
  • Desire for faster-paced high stakes and high intensity work
  • Expired non-compete
Wednesday, 05 February, 2020
TRU Tips

Sales professionals need monetary and non-monetary goals to feel satisfied in their jobs.

TOP 3 Non-Monetary Goals For Sales Pros
  • Mentorship of others: Impact the company through the elevation of those around you.
  • Culture Check: Set the tone and lead by example on initiatives that change the existing culture of the company.
  • Client Satisfaction: Bring awareness of company value through documented response from customers.
Wednesday, 29 January, 2020
TRU Tips

Interviewing for contract positions often warrants asking different questions than interviewing for full-time positions.

TOP 3 Questions To Ask On A Contract Interview
  • How responsive do you expect me to be on a request—immediately, fifteen minutes, within an hour?
  • What were some of your pet peeves when managing previous contractors?
  • What is the single biggest way I can make an impact in the first two weeks?
Wednesday, 22 January, 2020
TRU Tips

If you get a raise or promotion during your interview process, tell your agent the moment that happens, not when you get another offer.

TOP 3 Predictions For The Decade Ahead
  • Contract staffing will constitute more than fifty percent of the legal tech job market.
  • One in every three legal technology pros will work remotely from home by 2030.
  • Professionals with cross-disciplinary experience and education will be the leaders of tomorrow.
Wednesday, 15 January, 2020
TRU Tips

When an employer asks for references, they always want at least one if not two supervisory references.

TOP 3 Reference Check Mistakes
  • Not notifying references prior to them receiving a reference check call
  • Using references that don't give good references
  • Giving too many or too few references—the magic number is three
Thursday, 09 January, 2020