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The 2021 data privacy, e-discovery, and cybersecurity job market will be explosive.

TOP 3 Job Market Changes For Hiring Managers In 2021
  • Unlike 2020, candidates will be entertaining multiple offers more frequently this year.
  • Unlike 2020, hiring managers will move quickly and expeditiously on making new hires.
  • Unlike 2020, “pandemically low” offers will be easily outbid.
Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
TRU Tips

19 U.S. states and 21 localities have laws that prohibit asking a potential employee about their salary history.

TOP 3 Ways To Talk Compensation Without Asking About Salary History
  • “What is your desired base and total compensation?”
  • “Our salary range is between X and Y, will this meet your expectations?”
  • “What would you consider market compensation commensurate with this role?”
Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
TRU Tips

Instead of your standard company overview boilerplate, try adding a sentence or two that connects the business to the demands of the role at the top of your job description.

TOP 3 Ways To Connect A Job Description To Your Company
  • How does the job support the company’s primary goal?
  • What department(s) does the role work with?
  • How does the job increase connectivity with the clients/customers your company supports?
Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
TRU Tips

If you're a candidate receiving an end-of-year bonus, make sure you're communicating to your future employer when that pays out and when you can give notice.

TOP 3 Considerations Regarding Year-End Bonuses While Planning A Job Move
  • Know when your bonus is paid out (and also whether your company is on a fiscal year or calendar year).
  • Know if you must stay for a period of time after your bonus is paid for it to be non-recoverable.
  • Set expectations on what would make you comfortable walking away from all or a portion of your bonus before you get too far into the interview process.
Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
TRU Tips

Zooming can be far more exhausting than making phone calls all day.

TOP 3 Ways To Stay Fresh On Zoom All Day
  • Space your Zooms with at least a 30 minute break in-between.
  • Clarify attire prior to the Zoom (getting dressed up when everyone else is casual can be even more exhausting).
  • Have your Zoom room set up so the space does not require rearranging or modification for professionalism.
Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
TRU Tips

The best email signatures include all of your contact information.

TOP 3 Pieces Of Information To Include In Your Email Signature:
  • Email address
  • Direct and mobile phone lines with clear indication which is which
  • LinkedIn profile link—use LinkedIn’s custom URL feature to remove the random numbers and streamline the link
Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
TRU Tips

Exclusively retaining a staffing agency indicates to candidates that an employer is serious about the search.

TOP 3 Career Questions To Reflect On Over Thanksgiving
  • Am I happy in my current position with my current employer?
  • Am I valued and recognized for my contributions?
  • Do I have a clear path to career advancement?
Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
TRU Tips

Privacy jobs are shifting to corporate and away from law firms.

TOP 3 Reasons Privacy Jobs Are Moving From Law Firms To Corporations
  • Privacy's value is beginning to supersede simply compliance and beginning to now affect brand reputation.
  • Necessity for repeatable processes in privacy by design demands talent in greater abundance for corporations.
  • Outside counsel is too expensive and certain outsourced tasks can/should be internalized as they are not holistically legal functions.
Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
TRU Tips

Few passive job seekers will embrace or accept a pay cut simply when relocating to a new geography that has a lower cost of living.

TOP 3 Reasons Talent Is Moving Out Of Big Cities Right Now
  • Fewer people mean a lower risk of COVID infection.
  • Employers are subscribing to virtual employment and talent wants to take advantage of that opportunity to move.
  • Candidates want lower cost-of-living locations without reduction in salary to elevate their lifestyle, education, and investment opportunities.
Tuesday, 10 November, 2020