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The global employment services market is expected to grow from $978.72 billion in 2020 to $1193.68 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22%.

TOP 3 Reasons to Engage an Agency Now
  • Influence. A good talent agent has influence over candidates in a way that a prospective employer cannot have.
  • Speed. Get the talent you want faster than those who seek to hire the same people.
  • Guidance. Hiring managers need market intelligence to know what they are up against competitively.
Wednesday, 14 July, 2021
TRU Tips

According to Kastle Systems key fob analysis, the legal industry is returning to the office at a much higher rate than other industries.

TOP 3 Takeaways from Kastle Systems' "Back to Work Barometer"
  • Law firms occupancy stands at 52.3%.
  • Non-law firm occupancy stands at 32.0%.
  • While most of the cities in the study show a variance of 15%-20%, Houston reports 73.6% occupancy in law firms compared to only 48.8% across all industries.

Tip and TOP 3 courtesy of Kastle Systems' study released 6/28/21

Thursday, 08 July, 2021
TRU Tips

Just because companies are adopting remote employment does not mean they are willing to hire people anywhere in the world.

TOP 3 Reasons Location Still Matters for Remote Adoption
  • Variation in global data privacy laws
  • Taxation registration (whether domestic state or global)
  • Unifying or diversifying time shift coverage
Wednesday, 30 June, 2021
TRU Tips

One in three employees is likely to resign from your organization in Q3 2021.

TOP 3 Motivations for Talent Attrition
  • My employer wants me back in the office, but I prefer to work fully remote.
  • My employer is letting people choose whether to return to office or keep working remote, but I think everyone needs to return to office for company success.
  • I am only interested in a hybrid model ultimately and need a place where they will give me that flexibility.
Wednesday, 23 June, 2021
TRU Tips

Toggling your mute button is a subtle way to indicate you would like to speak on a Zoom/Teams/Meet call.

TOP 3 Hottest Positions in Legal Tech in June
  • ESI Project Managers (remote and in-office, law firms and vendors)
  • Privacy Program Directors (CPO-level or just underneath)
  • Business Development (namely in software for ESI, Cyber, Privacy)
Wednesday, 16 June, 2021
TRU Tips

Last week, employers gave more counter offers than in any previous week in TRU history to try and retain staff in ESI, cybersecurity and data privacy.

TOP 3 Ways Employers are Incentivizing Talent to Accept Offers and Stop Searching
  • Sign on bonuses for 24-hour acceptances and for declining all counter offers (or other offers)
  • Hyper-accelerated interview processes where offers are made within 48 hours of resume submission
  • Additional stock incentives for corporate cyber/privacy pros
Wednesday, 09 June, 2021
TRU Tips

Giving good advice leads to greater trust.

TOP 3 Statistics that Show Remote Work is Here to Stay
  • Paid job postings on LinkedIn for “remote work” opportunities rose 457% from a year ago.
  • Fully remote work accounts for 9.7% of all listings, but 20.5% of job views and 24.4% of job applications.
  • Especially in tech, work-from-home adoption proved to be quick, effective, and likely here to stay.

Tip and TOP 3 courtesy of “Employers catch on: remote job posts rise 457% as tech, media lead the way” on LinkedIn

Wednesday, 02 June, 2021
TRU Tips

When hiring at an executive level, confidence in choosing comes from consensus.

TOP 3 Pieces of Advice for Giving Zoom Webinars
  • Slow down the pace of your speech but not the delivery of the new content.
  • Allow for a “two-Mississippi” count after someone has stopped talking before you enter the conversation.
  • Giving visual listening cues is critical to show engagement, but be careful your visual cues don’t signal that you’ve stopped listening and are ready to speak.
Wednesday, 26 May, 2021
TRU Tips

When one or two vendors in ESI go through aggressive hiring cycles, peer vendors experience the exact opposite with attrition—and then the cycle continues.

TOP 3 Takeaways From "Ask the Expert" With TRU And EDRM
  • The majority of webinar participants currently working remotely do not want to go back into an office, and many would take a pay cut to stay remote.
  • E-discovery hiring is happening faster now than ever before for two reasons: There is more work to do than there are workers to do it, and remote work has opened up the talent pool up to the whole country.
  • If you had to take a step back from your career during the pandemic, make sure to have specific, authentic responses about what you have done/are doing to stay relevant during your time away.

Watch "Ask the Expert" With TRU And EDRM here!

Wednesday, 19 May, 2021