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A spoofing email is a slightly different email from the real one to fool users within a company. Example: [email protected] for [email protected]

TOP 3 Staffing Shifts In December 2016
  • Vendors are hiring a lot of SQL DBAs and Relativity Infrastructure professionals. (Beefing up to combat Relativity One?)
  • Consulting firms are choosing to go the route of offering Incident Response as a service or focusing more on proactive information protection consulting services. Only the big consulting firms do both, and not all.
  • Business development hiring remains frantic and frequent with providers trying to grow organically through sales talent acquisition.

Wednesday, 21 December, 2016
TRU Tips
Tip and Top 3 for December 14, 2016

Two hundred days is the average time it takes a company to identify malware or an intrusion.

Ray Kelly's TOP 4 Action Plan For Addressing Cybersecurity In Your Organization
  • Recognize the threat: Accept the reality that cyber threats can and will cripple your business if left unaddressed.
  • Start at the top: Addressing the threat will need strong commitment from your CEO.
  • Find knowledgeable allies and align with them: You will need to bring in outside assistance.
  • Monitor constantly: Be prepared for the long haul. Cybercrime will not be won over night. It is not fix and forget.
Wednesday, 14 December, 2016