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Prediction: Large ESI companies will begin to acquire cybersecurity companies and/or software to expand their reach into client data solutions earlier in the information lifecycle.

TOP 3 Key Findings From A Recent LOGICFORCE Survey On Law Firm Data Breaches:
  • An average of 10,000 intrusions occur every day at law firms.
  • 95% of assessed law firms were not compliant with their own data security policies and 100% were not compliant with those of their clients.
  • 40% of firms were breached without knowing it in 2016.
Wednesday, 12 July, 2017
TRU Tips

You should be smiling in your professional headshot.

TOP 3 Mistakes Made On Professional Profile Photos
  • Odd background. Instead, take your photo in front of a clear non-descript background or office setting. “Environmental shots” are very popular for executive photos.
  • Using wedding photos. Shots in a tux or gown are overkill! Keep it business professional.
  • Bad photo resolution. In technology, bad resolution is just inexcusable. Care enough to post a quality image.
Thursday, 06 July, 2017
TRU Tips

Resumes that do not list experiences chronologically under work experience tend to get passed on by clients. Clients need to know when you did what you did.

TOP 3 Reasons Clients Pass on Candidates Purely from a Resume
  • Dates of employment inaccurate, overlapping, or listed by year and not month.
  • "Copy/paste” of skills and experiences from one job to another with no differentiation.
  • A list of employment with dates but no skills and experiences listed under; skills instead clumped together under “leadership” or “project management.”
Wednesday, 28 June, 2017
TRU Tips

TRU Staffing statistics show that over the past five years, clients who extend offers directly and negotiate directly with candidates have a 92.6% aggregate failure rate of candidates accepting said offers.

TOP 3 Reasons Clients Should Never Negotiate Or Make Offers Directly To Talent When Using An Agency
  • Candidates do not want to negotiate themselves (even sales talent!). Some candidates feel that negotiating salary is the only thing they need an agent for. When an agent is circumvented on this, candidates may decline an offer because they don't want to or are not comfortable negotiating directly with their future employers. They are also unlikely to share their true concerns or other competing offers with a prospective employer directly. Often clients want to “feel connected” to a candidate at the point of negotiation, seeing it as their first mutual “win” or compromise together. This is counterintuitive as there will be plenty of time to “feel a win” together once they engage as employer and employee.
  • Negotiating directly devalues the agency. By skipping over an agent who has managed the entire process from solicitation to negotiation (at least from the candidate’s perspective), you as a client are devaluing the agency by not letting them be the broker. Since they were not included in negotiations, why should the candidate feel any of their previous advice or guidance up to the point of receiving an offer has any bearing or validity?
  • Expectations are not managed correctly. Money is funny, and people have wildly different feelings around their worth, value, or desired compensation regardless of market conditions. Talking through money should be a daily occurrence for an agent representing an active candidate (something most clients do not do at every point of contact with a prospective hire). Setting expectations with both client and candidate is impossible to do if the client feels an agent’s only value is sourcing the talent.
Wednesday, 21 June, 2017
TRU Tips

Relocation is on the rise with more employers looking outside their local talent pool for e-discovery talent compared to last year.

TOP 3 "Need To Know" Dynamics Between Cybersecurity And Cybersecurity Insurance
  • Cyber liability is generally executed from property and general liability insurance.
  • Cyber insurance does not eliminate the need to invest in Cybersecurity.
  • Cyber standards must be achieved to merit the insurance policy.
Thursday, 15 June, 2017
TRU Tips

The unemployment rate fell to 4.3% in May, its lowest level since 2001.

TOP 3 "Truths" Behind The Unemployment Rate's "Impressive" Drop To 4.3%
  • The decrease was mostly because Americans are giving up their job searches; the number of people with a job also fell.
  • The number of jobs gained for the month was less than expected at 138,000.
  • Only 601,000 private sector jobs have been added since January.

Thanks to CNN Money for the stats.

Wednesday, 07 June, 2017
TRU Tips

Gartner has eliminated their review of the e-discovery industry for their magic quadrant annual survey, signaling the massive consolidation of tools and lack of competitive availability in the community. Read more here.

TOP 3 Takeaways From The 2017 Enfuse Conference
  • Guidance’s EnCase and kCura’s Relativity One are creating a mutual connector that will ultimately “eliminate the creation of loadfiles, [allow for] stealth collection and enable mapping and transfer of native files and metadata seamlessly into Relativity workspaces.” This partnership will give professionals with dual EnCE and RCA a significant advantage if adopted widely in the e-discovery community.
  • Guidance is pivoting aggressively towards security. The mantra of the Keynote delivered by Guidance CEO Patrick Dennis was simple: “Don’t fear the breach!” In addition to the EnCe and EnCEP, Guidance now offers a CFSR certification. The Certified Forensic Security Responder (CFSR™) will equip talent with the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to become a highly sought-after cyber security forensics expert.
  • Security talent is bleeding into e-discovery and vice versa. While experts in both disciplines show signs of trepidation about reinvention, there is no question that security and discovery are colliding in talent, education, certification, and software. Those who cross-pollinate will dominate professionally in the future.

Friday, 02 June, 2017
TRU Tips

According to the Wall Street Journal: All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now.

TOP 3 Hottest Markets For ESI Work Right Now
  • ENCE – EnCase Certified Forensic Examiner
  • EnCEP – EnCase Certified eDiscovery Practitioner
  • CFSR – Certified Forensic Security Responder
Thursday, 25 May, 2017
TRU Tips

If you are in the cybersecurity vertical, having active security clearances in place gives you a leg-up on your competition as government contracts expand and begin to engulf the attention of the private sector.

TOP 3 Hottest Markets For ESI Work Right Now
  • Cybersecurity Engineers: There is such a dearth of engineers compared to the demand that companies are offering relocation, sign-on, equity, and more for talent that fits their culture and skill needs.
  • Incident Responders: There is such a shortage of this talent that some clients are training graduates of law school on technology to make them adept at IR.
  • CISOs: While demand has waned in recent years, leadership is still in high demand both in corporations and service providers/consultancies; law firms, not so much.
Wednesday, 17 May, 2017