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Legaltech News and Corporate Counsel released “May is for M&A, but Where Does It Leave e-Discovery Staffing?” featuring insights from TRU Staffing Partners’ new Vice President of Business Development and e-discovery industry veteran, Pete Smith. In this interview, Smith gives his vantage point on e-discovery’s major staffing changes, his new role with TRU Staffing Partners, what vast e-discovery M&A means for companies and their employees, and more.

Written by Zach Warren for Legaltech News

Friday, 26 May, 2017

TRU CEO and founder Jared Coseglia was quoted in a Legaltech News article titled "For Staffing, the History of E-Discovery Mirrors the Present of Cybersecurity." This article asserts that examining the current similarities between e-discovery and cybersecurity can be a predictor of future patterns in the cybersecurity staffing market.

Jared Coseglia Quoted in Legaltech News

Friday, 19 May, 2017

Law Journal Newsletters' Cyber Law & Strategy just published part two of TRU founder and CEO’s “State of the Industry: e-Discovery & Cybersecurity 2017” in their May edition. Part Two examines the current similarities between the two and details how the history of e-discovery mirrors the present of cybersecurity and is a predictor of future patterns in the cybersecurity staffing market.

Written by Jared Coseglia for LJN's Cyber Law & Strategy

Monday, 01 May, 2017

This has been the most exciting start to a new year for TRU and our clients and candidates! A record-breaking amount of contract staffing hires coupled with significant increases in Managerial and Director-level opportunities has made Q1 2017 the busiest first quarter in recent memory! TRU had the privilege of partnering with ACEDS and CDS Legal for our first (but not last!) TED Talk-style LegalWeek keynote event. This State of the Industry: E-discovery & Cybersecurity presentation brought together over three hundred professionals for an unforgettable night of discourse, theory, and prophecy about the past, present, and future of e-discovery and cybersecurity careers. If you missed it, watch it all in its entirety here! In addition, TRU launched a new and improved website with a compendium of all of our publications and thought leadership, not to mention a wealth of new functionality making it easier for you to find the right new job (or new hire) in real time! We have tons of information and market intelligence to share as we reflect on the last three months! Enjoy the 2017 Q1 Newsletter.

TRU Staffing Partners Q1 Newsletter

Wednesday, 05 April, 2017

Law Journal Newsletters' Cybersecurity Law & Strategy just published part one of TRU founder and CEO’s “State of the Industry: e-Discovery & Cybersecurity 2017” in their April edition. Part One addresses the stark differences between e-discovery and cybersecurity, most notably that cybersecurity, as an avenue of career opportunity and responsibility, is much, much bigger. An examination of the current state of both industries coupled with a deep dive into the history of e-discovery will offer a prophetic look at the likely hiring patterns, job availability, compensation trends, and industry maturation of the cybersecurity vertical over the next decade.

Written by Jared Coseglia for LJN's Cybersecurity Law & Strategy

Wednesday, 05 April, 2017

Joe Bartolo reviews Legaltech 2017, including the TRU/ACEDS "State of the Industry 2017: E-Discovery and Cybersecurity" event.

Jared Coseglia Quoted in ABA's Law Technology Today

Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

Ari Kaplan interviewed Jared Coseglia on the genesis of TRU, current trends, the impact of consolidation, the legal tech gig economy, and TRU tips.
Published by ABA Journal

Friday, 17 February, 2017
"State of the Industry: e-Discovery & Cybersecurity 2017" - Event Photos

TRU’s “State of the Industry: e-Discovery & Cybersecurity 2017” Legalweek kick-off event had over 300 e-discovery and cybersecurity professionals present to ask insightful questions and share unique perspectives afterwards. For those of you who were able to attend, thank you for coming! If you were there, you probably saw all the cameras we had everywhere. For those of you who could not join us, a full recording of the event will be available soon. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures!

Thursday, 09 February, 2017

2016 was a landmark year of change, growth, and increased public domain visibility for the e-discovery and cybersecurity industries. The events of the final quarter of 2016 reflect not only the trends and successes that occurred throughout last year but also foreshadow the future to come in 2017 and beyond. Change, radical change, is going to permeate every aspect of our lives from the White House to the average work day. Those who are comfortable with and prepared for the changes coming in e-discovery and cybersecurity will have great opportunity for advancement in the coming years. Here’s to a prosperous New Year to everyone we represent – and enjoy the 2016 Q4 TRU Newsletter!
TRU Staffing Partners Q4 Newsletter

Thursday, 05 January, 2017