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A run-down of the past month (and change) of the legal technology acquisitions we’ve covered.

Jared Coseglia Quoted in Legaltech News

Thursday, 07 January, 2016

While counting down the year-end, take into account of top 10 notable trends in e-discovery for 2015, and what you need to do to survive and thrive in 2016 and beyond.

Written by Jared Coseglia for Legaltech News

Thursday, 17 December, 2015

TRU Staffing Partners acquires Kennett Group.

TRU Staffing Partners Mentioned in Recruiter Magazine

Sunday, 01 November, 2015

The cybersecurity labor epidemic has corporations and governments scrambling to fill over a million new positions in the next few years.

TRU Staffing Partners Mentioned in Forbes Magazine

Monday, 28 September, 2015

The authors investigate differences in eDiscovery and cybersecurity careers and how they expose key variances in the kinds of professionals who will be successful in the long term in both fields.

Written by Jeff Scarpitti and Jared Coseglia for Bloomberg BNA Digital Discovery & e-Evidence

Thursday, 17 September, 2015

This article provides 10 mission critical things any aspiring e-discovery professional or hiring manager needs to know in order to successfully maneuver, manage, hire and retain the right e-discovery talent for their organization in California.

Written by Jared Coseglia for

Friday, 31 July, 2015

As more middle-market legal service providers and software companies get absorbed by global consultancies and publicly traded companies, seasoned legal technology professionals find themselves faced with the uncertainties of working for a much larger, different organization.

Written by Jared Coseglia for Legaltech News

Thursday, 23 July, 2015

TRU Staffing Partners to host e-Discovery Networking event in Chicago

Tuesday, 02 June, 2015

The greatest professional obstacle for aspiring legal technology job seekers is not how to acquire new skill sets, but rather how to become adept at articulating their existing skills and experiences.

Written by Jared Coseglia for ILTA White Paper

Saturday, 30 May, 2015