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On May 18 at 1:00 p.m. ET Coseglia will team up with Kaylee Walstad and Mary Mack at Electronic Discovery Resource Model (EDRM) for a new webinar to address how legal technologists can thrive in the rebound from the pandemic. Register HERE!

Tuesday, 18 May, 2021

TRU Vice President of Recruitment and Account Management Sarah Roberts joins PrivacyRef founder and President Bob Siegel and Senior Privacy Consultant Benjamin Siegel on May 11 at 1:00pm ET to aid privacy pros looking to thrive during the job search and hiring process. Topics will include workforce evolution, how to transition into privacy, and how to stand out within the vertical. Register HERE!

Tuesday, 11 May, 2021

TRU will be moderating "The Ethics of Leveraging Data to Improve Diversity and Inclusion" at IAPP GPS 2021 on April 6 at 1:00pm ET. As diversity and inclusion is finally being celebrated and considered as a meaningful value-add to corporate structures, the privacy implications of ensuring a representative workforce are plentiful. This panel, led by diversity and inclusion champions and privacy pros throughout various industry verticals from retail to manufacturing will walk the audience through ethical ways to encourage and track diversity in the workplace, and how tracking this personal data creates a stronger workplace. Including topics such as tracking diversity with those who do not wish to self-identify, who has access to diversity data, and the most ethical way to keep and store data relating to diversity information and leveraging that data to improve but not exploit, the audience will walk away from this panel with a stronger understanding of how to utilize diversity data to create a stronger, more representative workforce. Registration is available HERE!

Tuesday, 06 April, 2021

Jared Coseglia, founder and CEO of TRU Staffing Partners and agent to thousands of e-discovery, privacy, and cybersecurity professionals joins Michael Quartararo, president of ACEDS, for a quarterly webinar that provides the latest on industry trends as well as practical tips on job search and professional development issues for seasoned and newer lawyers and eDiscovery and legal technology professionals.

Key takeaways you will walk away with:

  • The latest practices in interviewing and hiring;
  • How to interview or prepare the right resume, including video interview tips;
  • Building networks and community; and
  • How to get ahead or attract the best talent in the years to come.

This will be an interactive discussion where ACEDS members can discuss anonymously how they want to grow in their e-discovery careers—whether they are working toward management level roles or just getting started in the legal industry. Registration is free to all HERE!

Monday, 22 March, 2021

Attention e-discovery pros and students: TRU Staffing Partners founder and CEO Jared Coseglia returns to the University of Florida Levin College of Law’s celebrated E-Discovery Conference on March 18! Coseglia will participate in the lightning-round “E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts” session with “Legal Tech Jobs: Before and After the Pandemic.” This virtual presentation will speak not only to the evolving ecosystem of employment opportunities within legal technology, but also to how the community’s approach to interviewing and staff selection has adapted and changed because of the pandemic. Expect a full explanation of how remote and contract hiring modalities have shaped the current landscape and why now is the right time for talent to matriculate between legal disciplines.

This conference is fully virtual and open to legal tech practitioners at any stage of their careers. Register HERE!

Thursday, 18 March - Thursday, 18 March, 2021
The State of the Privacy Market

A year into the pandemic, privacy is not slowing down. IAPP research shows that while privacy program expansion may have cooled, very few companies scaled back privacy budgets and teams. With new privacy issues ranging from work and study from home on online platforms to digital contact tracing and immunity passports, as well as a wave of legislation in U.S. states and countries around the globe, privacy is more central than ever. In this live session, privacy head hunter Jared Coseglia and Senior Analyst Enza Iannopollo talk to IAPP Vice President and Chief Knowledge Officer Omer Tene about the state of the privacy market in Q1 2021. How has the privacy tech industry fared in 2020? How has the pandemic affected privacy hiring? What are the trends in contract and full-time positions in privacy programs? How has the digital transformation affected searching, networking and interviewing for jobs? Register HERE and join us on March 3 at 1:00pm ET!

Wednesday, 03 March, 2021

“Masterclass: Q1 2021 Legaltech Job Market Report” on February 18 at 1:00 p.m. ET will team Coseglia with Kaylee Walstad and Mary Mack at Electronic Discovery Resource Model (EDRM) for the newest edition in an ongoing series of master classes full of updated information on what happened in the legal tech job market in Q4 2020 and what to expect in Q1 2021.

Thursday, 18 February, 2021

Looking for a job as a privacy professional? Attend this ABA-hosted webinar to learn from experts on how to stand out from the pool of applicants, where to look for a job, and much more. Panelists, including TRU's CEO Jared Coseglia and Director of Recruitment and Account Management Jess Barre, will discuss how to find a job in one of the fastest growing industries. Discussion will include which certification and experience requirements will make you stick out in the competitive market. Hear some insight of the what the interview process will look like for these privacy positions. Register HERE!

Wednesday, 03 February, 2021

TRU CEO Jared Coseglia joins David Horrigan and friends on Thursday, January 14 at 1:00pm ET for Relativity’s annual “State of the e-Discovery Union: Predictions” webinar! See Relativity’s Horrigan and Constantine Pappas discuss the predictions of e-discovery’s leaders and luminaries by registering for free HERE!

Thursday, 14 January, 2021