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A cyber range is a virtual environment that is used for cyberwarfare training and cyber technology development—like a shooting range. Cyber ranges are controlled virtual environments where operational conditions and defense performance results may be replicated to reduce failures and errors.

Top 3 Practical Tips For Lunch Or Dinner Interviews
  • Avoid ordering food you eat with your hands. Sometimes eating can be messy. Avoid that awkward moment of spillage or taking too big a bite and order something you can eat with a fork and knife.
  • Stick to a two-drink maximum. If the client orders a drink, you may want to as well, but do not feel pressure to do so. Nurse a beer or a cocktail if you must, but don’t have more than two drinks. You are there to do business, not party.
  • Request a table in the back. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to hear the person across the table from you or not being able to speak candidly over a meal because it is too loud or too public a table space. Always ask for a table in a quiet place, likely near the back against a wall.
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Studies show adults typically pay attention to one task for about eight seconds.

TOP 3 Reasons Our Attention Spans Are Shorter
  • Businesspeople send and receive an average of 121 emails per day.
  • The average adult is exposed to an average of 247 marketing messages per day.
  • Twenty-eight percent of the average adult’s time a day is spent on social media, where marketing messages are abundant.

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Thursday, 09 July 2020, 12:09
TRU Tips

About 50% of roles filled by TRU in June 2020 were jobs that had been active prior to COVID.

TOP 3 Job Market Takeaways From Q2 2020
  • For most alternative legal service providers, the bottom was felt in April and May with all-time lows in net new hires.
  • The privacy job market is coming back strong, but corporations are rethinking and retooling their leadership roles/responsibilities rather than hiring/scaling their middle management staff.
  • ESI companies and law firms are running lean on talent despite rising billables. ESI mid-market staffing remains flat (on hold mostly) for project managers and analysts.
Wednesday, 01 July 2020, 09:43
COVID with Privacy Pros: Biogen's Susan Wise

As part of TRU's continued commitment to representing privacy professionals (and helping people become privacy professionals), CEO Jared Coseglia will be interviewing Chief Privacy Officers, legal counsel, and partners in privacy practice groups as part of an ongoing series, Coffee with Privacy Leaders, published by CPO Magazine. The series is temporarily being rebranded "COVID with Privacy Pros" as the privacy industry adapts to the pandemic. Read the ninth of several interviews, "Biogen's CPO, Susan Wise,” HERE!

Tuesday, 30 June 2020, 16:44