Legal Tech's Predictions for 2019 in Cybersecurity and Privacy

Find out why it’s important to be on the forefront of cybersecurity shifts and privacy changes! Legaltech News consulted attorneys and top experts including TRU CEO Jared Coseglia on their predictions for 2019 in their article “Legal Tech's Predictions for 2019 in Cybersecurity and Privacy.”

Jared Coseglia: “Ushered in by The Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal in America and cemented by the May 25th, 2018 GDPR deadline in Europe, privacy has instantly gone from a niche discipline to a socially understood and valued commodity that is creating jobs, if not careers, for thousands of legal and legal technology professionals. In 2018, there was an explosion of CPO and partner-level placements throughout the Fortune 1000 and Am Law 200,” Coseglia stated. “In 2019, there will be an abundance of jobs a tier below these executives as corporate legal departments and law firm practice groups, big and boutique, aim to bolster the middle ranks with privacy associates and privacy program developers/executors.”

Click here to read the full article and hear what other experts had to say!

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TRU Tips

If you are thinking about taking your career to market, check in with your agent/agency first before sending out your resume.

TOP 3 Favorite Quotes from TRU CEO’s Interview About Talent Representation
  • Impacts are made in moments, but triumphs take time.
  • If you want to make the big bucks, you better be involved in business development.
  • People are the only catalyst for change because that is who we are trying to change in order to evolve.
Wednesday, 16 January 2019, 15:09
Top 10 Predictions for the 2019 Legal Tech Job Market

For the last four years, TRU Staffing Partners has given the community our annual “Top 10 Predictions” related to the legal technology job market. This year’s prophecies reveal a culmination and realization of several forecasts from years past as well as several new developments (or lack of developments) that are shaping the future of staffing in the legal industry. Read TRU’s top 10 predictions for 2019 and how they will impact the hiring practices of law firms, corporations, consultancies, software companies and service providers around the globe here!

Monday, 14 January 2019, 09:44
TRU Tips

An estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be available but unfilled by 2021.

TOP 3 Ways Companies Are Trying To Fill Cybersecurity Jobs
  • Some major corporations have taken to hiring hackers.
  • Many companies (less so consulting firms) are putting less emphasis on a college degree, preferring hands-on experience.
  • Some teams are hiring inexperienced workers with the right aptitude and attitude to learn on the job from more experienced members.
Thursday, 10 January 2019, 14:45