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TRU's Q4 2021 Newsletter

In Q4, many trends TRU identified this spring continued:

  • The push to return to the office, especially by law firms, complicated hiring and encouraged hiring managers to consider plug-and-play contractors.
  • The salary inflation we alerted our readers to in March with “Why Now is the Best Time in 20 Years to Make a Job Move in e-Discovery” has held strong through to the end of the year, resulting in a roughly 22% increase in base compensation for those who made a calculated job change in 2021.
  • Speed in the hiring cycle remained the critical element for hiring managers looking to secure the best talent on the market.

This quarter’s highlights include so much more – click here to catch up on anything you missed.

Wednesday, 19 January, 2022
The Top 10 2022 Job Market Predictions in Legal Technology

Check out TRU's top predictions about the job market and how to stay a cut above the competition—whether you are an employer or a job seeker. 2021 was an unprecedented year of economic growth, with staffing challenges at the forefront of nearly every sector of the global economy. Legal technology was no exception, and in 2022 hiring will remain the top obstacle to business fulfillment across the e-discovery, data privacy, and cybersecurity landscapes.

Tuesday, 18 January, 2022
The Top 5 E-Discovery Job Market 2021 Game Changers

Check out this retrospective, wherein TRU CEO and founder Jared Coseglia looks back on the 2021 e-discovery job market, detailing the events and trends that defined 2020. Don’t miss this insightful analysis and watch for TRU’s Top Ten 2021 Job Market Predictions in January!

Tuesday, 21 December, 2021
Becoming C-Sweet! With John Reikes, new CEO at High Impact

In this new series “Becoming C-Sweet!” TRU Staffing Partners founder and CEO, Jared Michael Coseglia, sits down with newly minted C-level executives who are stepping into the C-suite for the first time. These captured conversations aim to help LTN readers get an intimate peak into what it takes to become C-Sweet!

Tuesday, 14 December, 2021
The Pandemic Job Market, Part Two: From Pandemonium to Institutional Recalibration

There is nothing normal about any return-to-office plan. For most, if not all, a return to office means vaccine and mask mandates, regular COVID testing, personal risk versus professional ambition calculations, and/or commuter rituals and requirements shifting weekly in a hybrid model. These factors have led to an alarming amount of attrition and an ensuing frenzy of hiring this year for every corporation, law firm, software company, or service provider in the legal space. The result is a slow, arduous hiring process in the legal industry created by the refusal of some employers, namely law firms, to accept new realities related to the future of work and the motivations of talent in the industry today. Conversely, other employers have turned strife into opportunity and have begun to recalibrate their institutional policies, processes, technologies, and permissions to attract and retain workers.

Tuesday, 02 November, 2021
Inexperienced Attorneys Can Absolutely Get E-Discovery Jobs, But First They Need E-Discovery Experience

E-discovery salaries have climbed high enough that even lawyers with no relevant experience on their resumes may be tempted to try and cross over. Still, even with the serious demand for talent going on in the market right now, many e-discovery leaders at law firms or vendors may be reluctant to take a chance on untested candidates.

Jared Coseglia quoted in

Thursday, 28 October, 2021
Law Firms May Be Facing an eDiscovery and Tech Personnel Crisis: eDiscovery Trends

If the Barbra Streisand song lyric “people who need people…are the luckiest people…in the world” is true, then personnel managers at law firms must be very lucky indeed. I’m sure they don’t feel that lucky, given the current eDiscovery and tech personnel crisis that many of them are beginning to face.

Jared Coseglia quoted in eDiscovery Today

Thursday, 14 October, 2021
Remote Work Is Still King: E-Discovery Talent Jettisons From Inflexible Firms

E-discovery is heating back up as more litigation and investigations kick off post-pandemic. But as law firms prepare for increased demand, some firms’ strict in-person or hybrid work requirements may be hurting their mid-level e-discovery talent recruitment.
Jared Coseglia quoted in Legaltech News

Thursday, 14 October, 2021
TRU Q3 2021 Newsletter

Q3 continued to set new records for available positions in data privacy, e-discovery, and cybersecurity. There was no late summer/early fall cyclical dip in hiring. Our clients are busy now, and they need talent now. Contract staffing hires soared in data privacy in Q3, and demand for ESI project managers, analysts, and forensic collections pros remained constant and voluminous.

However, the biggest trend in Q3 is trying to answer when—or if—employees should “come back” into the office. Law firms are at the forefront of this question, with roughly 80% issuing blanket return-to-office mandates. On the other hand, service providers are embracing their new normal and allowing many employees flexible or even entirely work-from-home hours. Add in vaccine mandates, mask policies, inflated but stabilizing salaries, kids returning to in-person school, and the plethora of other questions and challenges, and the job market is as complicated and competitive as ever.

Friday, 08 October, 2021