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BRITE Adds New CRO to Revolutionary  Data Discovery & Privacy Management Enterprise Software Firm

BRITE GmbH and BRITE Discovery, LLC (together, “BRITE”), an emerging leader in the global enterprise data discovery and privacy management software space, today announced that legal industry veteran Derrick Logan has joined the company as its new Chief Revenue Officer. In partnership with executive search firm TRU Staffing Partners, Logan was chosen as the ideal candidate to build, lead and grow a widely diverse sales team to drive revenue and shareholder value.

“Having known, placed and partnered with Derrick over the past 20 years, I can attest that BRITE has landed not just one of the legal industry’s most qualified technology, services and sales experts, but also a tested leader who provides clients with that magic blend of honesty, insight, kindness and an unwavering commitment to ensuring full customer satisfaction,” stated Jared Coseglia, CEO of TRU Staffing Partners.

Logan, a 24-year veteran of the legal industry, brings a unique set of skills to BRITE’s CRO role. After beginning his career as a legal assistant at Skadden in New York City, Logan assumed practice support and technology leadership roles at top law firms Weil Gotschal, Jones Day, and Dewey and global technology providers.

“I’m thrilled to join BRITE as it launches its revolutionary knowledge management software that enables data owners to identify, preserve, collect, review and store critical business information in full compliance with legal and privacy rules,” said Logan. “It’s an open secret that traditional ‘outside in’ EDRM-based eDiscovery is broken,” added Logan. “Clients need simple, secure, scalable and affordable ways to easily manage and control their discoverable data, legal matters and investigations -- in-house -- via an intuitive, integrated and agnostic technology platform,” Logan concluded.

Co-founded in 2015, BRITE puts the owners of information, (i.e., end clients) in full control of their daily data discovery, transfer, storage and privacy management needs. BRITE’s enterprise-installed software is built for speed, scale and security, while integrating with existing customer technology platforms and systems, like M365, Google Suite, Oracle, SAP, and dozens of other networked applications and data stores. Customer relationships are long-term, fees are fixed and transparent, and costs are a mere fraction of typical third-party provider $/GB, $/hour and project-based charges. BRITE clients can now establish hard annual litigation, GRC and audit budgets and rest easy knowing they have full visibility and control over their global data discovery, transfer, storage and privacy needs.

Stephen D. Whetstone, Esq., BRITE’s CEO stated, “I am delighted to welcome Derrick to our expanding leadership team.” Whetstone added, “He is one of a kind: he lives and works in metro NYC, the world’s largest enterprise data market; he holds a master’s degree in technology from Ivy League Columbia University; and he has designed, built and serviced advanced data management systems for the most demanding and complex global enterprises in the world,” added Whetstone. “Derrick could have chosen to go anywhere and so we feel like we won the lottery,” concluded Whetstone.

About BRITE: Working at the confluence of technology, legal, business and GRC/privacy demands, BRITE is driven by a core purpose: to provide clients an easy-to-access and use single center of truth so they can quickly, defensibly and confidently identify and manage their most critical data, legal and business demands and risks at a fraction of traditional costs. BRITE helps clients find and follow enterprise data and any added attorney work product, wherever it goes – from downstream into third-party hosted review tools and back again into BRITE’s revolutionary technology platform. Visit for more information.

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