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Vice President, Engagement Management (CONSULTANCY)

New York, NY, United States
  • Employment Type: Direct Hire

Our client, a global consulting firm specializing in cybersecurity, risk management and e-discovery services, seeks a Vice President, Engagement Management to join their expanding cyber-solutions team. The ideal candidate will possess in-depth knowledge in the areas of cybercrime, electronic discovery, digital forensics and business intelligence. This person must demonstrate a strong presence as a subject matter expert in areas of investigation matters and have the ability to facilitate client relationships, both new and existing. The Vice President will oversee and manage complex engagements and as such, should possess very strong communications skills. In addition, this individual will be responsible for revenue generation and continued account management. Professionals with a track record of speaking and writing, participation in thought leadership, and/or former/current litigators in the public sector looking to move to the private sector are encouraged to apply! Send resumes to [email protected].

Job Responsibilities:

  • Establishes and manages relationships with key buyers through regular meetings and other touch points to increase awareness of our firm’s capabilities and introduce relevant subject matter experts
  • Develops leads sourced by other members of the department or subject matter experts
  • Defines and executes a pursuit strategy including value proposition development, meeting and orals preparation, proposal creation, stakeholder analysis, and competitive assessment
  • Participates in client meetings to qualify opportunities, validates the client’s value proposition, and ensure the sales process is progressing at pace
  • Understands clients’ needs, existing and potential projects, and budget and share these insights with the client’s team to enhance the firm’s understanding of its clients
  • Establishes relationships with Procurement departments to ensure the client is considered for relevant buying cycles
  • Introduces the client’s team members to relevant contacts, invite and host contacts company sponsored  events or other events where the company is present
  • Works with subject matter experts within the firm to establish contracting arrangements (e.g. business terms, fees, SOWs)
  • Demonstrates interest in, and aptitude for, the business and technical issues encountered across the company’s client base.
  • Synthesizes client issues by utilizing a high level of subject matter expertise into meaningful and profitable consulting advice.
  • Develops broader experiences through diligence, expertise and client interaction to work towards promotion to Managing Director

Required Experience:

  • Experience from a top tier consulting firm, a relevant boutique or legal environment
  • Possesses acute awareness of subject matter expertise to facilitate client interactions and drive the execution of complex client engagements
  • Strong track record of establishing credibility and capable client facing orientation
  • Positive reputation and credibility among peers as a professional who is respected for their intelligence and technical expertise
  • Awareness of the market and a proven track record on relevant matters across commercial and public sectors to garner immediate respect from client base
  • Strong familiarity with the top legal firms, as well as deep and broad knowledge of future trends and legal aspects associated with the client’s advisory oriented service offerings
  • Well-connected, results-oriented communicative leader who can foster relationships and promote the broader company strategy
  • Operational experience and entrepreneurial spirit to maximize the success and performance in the region
  • Unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character, demonstrating high moral and ethical behavior
  • An extremely high level of energy, sense of urgency, creativity and decisiveness, coupled with the ability/willingness to work well under pressure

Leadership Characteristics:

  • Understanding the Business – Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understands how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily
  • Making Complex Decisions – Can solve even the toughest and most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; is a quick study of the new and different; adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques
  • Creating the New and Different – Is able to come up with the next great breakthrough thing to do; is creative, a visionary, and can manage innovation; is an effective strategist full of ideas and possibilities; sees multiple futures; has broad interests and knowledge; can both create and bring exciting ideas to market; comfortable speculating about alternative futures without all of the data
  • Getting Work Done Through Others – Manages people well; gets the most and best out of the people he/she has; sets and communicates guiding goals; measures accomplishments, holds people accountable, and gives useful feedback; delegates and develops; keeps people informed; provides coaching for today and for the future
  • Evaluating and Deploying People Accurately – Reads people accurately; can diagnose strengths, weaknesses, and potential; knows what skills are required to fill a job or role; hires the best
  • Being Organizationally Savvy – Maneuvers well to get things done; maze bright; knows where to go to get what he/she needs; politically aware and agile; knows what the right thing to do is; presents views and arguments well
  • Managing Diverse Relationships – Relates well to a wide variety of diverse styles, types, and classes; open to differences; effective up, down, sideways, inside, and outside; builds diverse networks; quick to find common ground; treats differences fairly and equitably; treats everyone as a preferred customer


  • An appropriate BA or BS degree is required; an advanced degree such as an MBA or JD is preferred, as well as industry certifications and association memberships

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