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Senior Forensics Consultant (VENDOR)

Stuttgart, Germany
  • Employment Type: Direct Hire

Our client, a leading e-discovery service provider, is currently hiring a Senior Forensics Consultant to join the team in Stuttgart, Germany. In this position, you will be responsible for completing forensic collections and analysis using industry standard tools like EnCase, FTK and Cellebrite. Must also have experience providing expert testimony and be business fluent in German. Ability to travel 40-50 percent of the time to locations throughout Europe is required. Send resumes to [email protected].

A Senior Forensic Consultant position is staffed by personnel that have solid experience in conducting data collections and computer forensic analysis, as well as certain critical aspects of computer forensics and electronic discovery such as scoping data collection, forensic analysis work, affidavit and report writing, working comfortably with customers and sales personnel. This position requires advanced capabilities in the providing of computer forensics services.  Senior Forensic Consultants should exhibit the capability to manage and conduct collections and analysis related to everything from minor to advanced aspects of forensic data, file, and email analysis.  They also should display the ability to provide proactive documentation of learned experiences to promote learning and should possess significant knowledge or experience in preparing affidavits, giving depositions and/or court testimony.


  • Provides confident, clear, effective communication exhibiting extensive experience obtained in Computer Forensics with all customers through all forms of communication including direct contact, conference calls, voice, e-mail, fax, etc.
  • Conducts or assists with common or advanced data collections and forensic analysis; provide proactive documentation for the analysis, rebuilding, recovery and presentation of relevant computer forensic information; is able to fully explain the recovery of data from storage media using computer forensic analysis methods to access and analyze data, determine relevancy, and/or provide an output to meet customer objectives
  • Works with management to determine best practices used to conduct Computer Forensics work; works with, mentors, and helps lead team members down a path of established best practices; helps to test certain tools to maximize the effectiveness of services provided to customers
  • Provides an expected professional level of customer service and technical support as needed or required

Desired Results: 

  • Demonstrates ability to communicate in an intelligent, positive, readily understood manner; uses experience to clearly explain technical information so that it is understood by all customers; shows ability to conduct higher level and detailed discussions, with complicated or common scenarios, with any potential or existing client in a clear, confident, positive manner
  • Fully understands, explains, and follows accepted forensic protocols, processes and procedures used internally to find and provide relevant, requested output to meet customer objectives
  • Uses experience to determine best practices and apply that knowledge to assist with the testing of tools with the overall goals being to analyze media, recover deleted data, create reports, and meet customer objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Assists sales personnel, project managers, managers, and consultants with customer conference calls and helps answer customer questions about technology, terminology, data relevancy, reports and the accessing of data that they possess or that has been provided to them through analysis and reporting
  • Business Travel Requirements:  business travel is required at times to conduct onsite data collections, depositions, testimony preparation and appearances in court; travel is typically between 40 and 50 percent for this position, though it could be more depending on client requirements; onsite data collections can be conducted at any hour of the day to minimize disruption to the client’s business operations.  Some data collections may span multiple days
  • Additional responsibilities may include documentation and training of learned knowledge to consultants and/or sales teams, or temporary departmental work as needed


Data Collection Experience

  • Significant experience conducting drive and/or mobile device imaging/collection
  • Significant experience conducting network collections
  • Significant experience conducting Webmail/Social Media collections
  • Significant experience conducting Remote Data Collections
  • Significant experience conducting targeted live collections (remote & onsite)
  • Significant experience conducting one or more of the above

Data Analysis Experience

  • EnCase or similar forensics certification
  • Experience conducting forensic analysis of data
  • Significant experience preparing written reports concerning the analysis of data
  • Experience filing affidavits or declarations as the person of record concerning forensic analysis of data or data collection activities

Testimony Experience

  • Experience providing instances of oral court testimony (e.g., deposition, hearing or trial)
  • Experience in project scoping and formulating project plans
  • Significant experience interacting with clients and receiving favorable/positive feedback
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills


  • Civil or Criminal investigations background
  • Substantial testifying experience
  • Experience managing people/teams

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