TRU understands information security and protection.

No other staffing agency better understands the nuances of cybersecurity, information protection, privacy, risk, compliance, threat analysis, and incident response. TRU's Cybersecurity Reference Model was specifically designed to provide hiring managers and job seekers a road map of roles, responsibilities, and titles across the data protection continuum. TRU executives speak and publish regularly and TRU's CEO Jared Coseglia is on the editorial board of Cybersecurity Law and Strategy, Law Journal Newsletters. TRU was named in Forbes magazine on the shortlist of companies to look out for who specialize in cybersecurity talent representation. TRU boasts a unique pipeline of cybersecurity professionals currently working at or retiring from federal agencies such as the FBI, NSA, and CIA, who are looking to transition their careers into the private sector.

TRU provides exclusive access to thousands of professionals in cybersecurity.

TRU maintains a global roster of cybersecurity professionals in the Cyber 500, Fortune 1000, and global consulting firms, law firms, and software companies. throughout the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia. TRU has tremendous success deploying contract consultants throughout the world as well as working remotely from home in TRU's Managed Staffing Service model, Contract Staffing offering, and our unique CISO as a Service (CISOaaS) model. Clients can subscribe to our Contract Staffing newsletter for instant access to immediately available contractors. TRU fully understands the need for flexible staffing solutions and thus offers contingency, retained, direct hire, and contract-to-hire staffing options. Click here for a list of titles for opportunities and professionals we represent.

TRU redefines having a partnership with a staffing agency.

Our team collaborates intimately with your human resources department as well as your direct hiring managers to identify, deliver, and retain talent that suits your immediate staffing needs as well as the larger cultural fit within your organization. In addition to talent agents located throughout the country, TRU has a dedicated Operations staff to handle all your scheduling and logistics for a seamless and streamlined interview experience. TRU features your opportunities in our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter, which reaches tens of thousands of active and passive job seekers throughout the world, and our proprietary Hot Jobs technology has become a one-stop shop for candidates to customize their job search and notification process. Contact us or the fastest response and most efficient onboarding from a TRU business development professional. TRU's reputation for responsiveness in both receiving and fulfilling your hiring requests is unparalleled. Learn more about TRU's unique value proposition in our FAQ.

TRU delivers competitive analysis and hiring efficiency metrics.

For long-standing clients or new clients with voluminous hiring needs, TRU provides custom analytics to highlight hiring inefficiencies, interview process patterns or anomalies and comparative analysis against industry standards. TRU then delivers consultative insight into how your company can compete more efficiently and effectively in the e-discovery war for talent. TRU tracks salary, geographic, gender, title standardization, remote, relocation, and employer sector information so clients can have clear and accurate market intelligence based not on surveys but on actual hiring metrics.

TRU helps train and educate talent.

In addition to our annual scholarship program, TRU speaks and publishes regularly on industry trends. Our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter also contains a weekly Tip and Top 3, providing real time insight and market intelligence about what's happening day-to-day in the increasingly competitive job market. TRU has partnered with the SANS Institute to provide cybersecurity training and certification as well as outplacement services for SANS graduates and career fair registrants.

TRU is proven.

In addition to being an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, TRU has consistently been voted the Best Litigation Support and Legal Staffing Agency nationally and regionally by The National Law Journal and Corporate Counsel magazine. TRU takes pride in our accolades, but greater pride in the success stories of the people and companies we represent. TRU maintains a 4:1 referral-to-hire ratio, which means that for every job request we receive, we typically send four resumes, resulting in one hire. Additionally, 97 percent of TRU-represented direct hires meet their guarantees.