TRU redefines what it means to be represented in information protection.

TRU is a part of your life, not only when you are looking for a job, but throughout the course of your career. TRU is here to be a constant source of guidance, perspective, and inspiration and takes a personal interest in your professional health, wealth, and stability. TRU has been particularly successful transitioning the careers of security professionals currently working at or retiring from federal agencies such as the FBI, NSA, and CIA into the private sector. Your first step towards TRU representation is to find the talent agent nearest you.

TRU prepares you unlike any other staffing agency you've worked with.

TRU has intimate and meaningful relationships with the people and companies we represent, allowing us to uniquely prepare every candidate before every interview, every time. TRU not only tells you where to go and who you're meeting, but more importantly, what questions you will be asked, what questions you need to ask the client, the company's history and culture, and so much more. We want to know you and your career as well as we know our clients and the jobs they are looking to fill. For the fastest response and most efficient onboarding from a TRU talent agent, please complete TRU's proprietary e-discovery application. Learn more about TRU's unique value proposition in our FAQ, and check out TRU's Cybersecurity Reference Model specifically designed to provide job seekers and hiring managers a road map of roles, responsibilities, and titles.

TRU provides exclusive access to hundreds of cybersecurity opportunities.

TRU's deep network of relationships in the Cyber 500 service providers, Fortune 1000, and global consulting firms, law firms, and software companies gives us exclusive access to job openings throughout the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia. TRU's proprietary Hot Jobs technology is your one-stop shop for unprecedented customized job opportunity search and notification. TRU also maintains a deep roster of cybersecurity and information protection consultants and incident responders deployable throughout the world as well as working remotely from home who have found freedom, flexibility, and financial advantage by becoming a TRU contractor. TRU also designed a contract staffing model specifically for highly experienced and seasoned CISOs called CISO as a Service (CISOaaS).

TRU helps train and educate our talent.

In addition to our annual scholarship program, TRU speaks and publishes regularly on industry trends. Our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter also contains a weekly Tip and Top 3, providing real time insight and market intelligence about what's happening day-to-day in the increasingly competitive job market. TRU has partnered with the SANS Institute to provide cybersecurity training and certification as well as outplacement services for SANS graduates and career fair registrants.

TRU is proven.

In addition to being an Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Company, TRU was named in Forbes on the short list of companies to look out for who specialize in cybersecurity talent representation. TRU has also consistently been voted the Best Litigation Support and Legal Staffing Agency nationally and regionally by The National Law Journal and Corporate Counsel magazine. TRU takes pride in our accolades, but greater pride in the success stories of the people and companies we represent.