Consulting firm caliber contract talent at significantly lower rates.

Clients are shocked to learn that TRU Staffing Partners can provide contract staffing talent across the entire spectrum of the e-discovery and cybersecurity continuum. TRU calls this service "Surge Staffing" because of the unique volume and immediacy of our capability to deliver contractors. All TRU contractors are on TRU payroll, eliminating your company's financial and operational overhead from: salaries, payroll taxes/processing expenses, Workers Comp insurance, health insurance and benefits, onboarding paperwork and I-9 verification, background checks and education verification, HR administrative responsibility and oversight, employee liability insurance, unemployment, bonuses and severance. Here's when and how our clients use our Surge Staffing Services:

  • Surge e-discovery consultants for landmark litigation
  • Surge project managers and analysts for intense case loads
  • Surge Relativity-certified administrators for high-end technical expertise
  • Surge in geographically challenging areas to find talent
  • Surge for shift coverage, 2nd, overnight, weekend
  • Surge for employee vacation or maternity leave
  • Surge for unique but only temporarily needed skill sets
  • Surge for remote augmentation
  • Surge for contract-to-direct hire ("try-n-buy")
  • Surge to prevent burnout of overworked existing employees
  • Surge while shopping for the perfect direct hire
  • Surge for cyber data breach remediation, penetration testing, forensic collection, audit, risk assessment