Staff your Managed Service Contract.

You don't have to pull your existing resources off of one client to service another. TRU provides Managed Staffing Services specifically for e-discovery vendors who have newly inked Master Service Agreements in place with their law firm, corporate, and government agency clients. Our contractors have a history of parachuting in, learning a company's culture and workflow, and servicing a new client with a greater level of enthusiasm and often expertise than in a reallocation of internal resources. Custom create a high caliber group of contractors specifically chosen to support your new client.

Cover your nights and weekends.

One of the greatest challenges for service providers and law firms is maintaining quality staff for night and weekend coverage in the e-discovery and litigation support space. The average turnover rate for these shifts is six to twelve months. TRU solves your second shift and weekend coverage headaches by training and maintaining a pool of rotating contractors who are always available to cover night and weekend shifts in client service, ESI processing, and hosting support.

Boutique law firms and corporations can have it all.

If you are a law firm under 50 attorneys or a corporation under 100 employees that doesn't have the need for a full-time in house e-discovery expert consultant or project manager, TRU can provide contract talent on a part-time or ad hoc basis. TRU has hourly, monthly, and annual pricing models to provide you access to consulting firm caliber talent at discounted and predictable rates.

Virtualize your in-office staff.

TRU Staffing Partners is an entirely virtual work-from-home organization. We have no office space. This has maximized our profitability, kept us nimble, and created incredible retention among our employees. For clients looking to slash overhead and get extremely reduced rates on talent, TRU can help virtualize your human capital. The TRU Staffing Partners executive team is densely knowledgeable about the technology, processes, behavioral training, and the kind of people required for reinventing and deploying a virtual, work-from-home talent infrastructure.