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Litigation Support Technical Specialist
Location: Atlanta, GA

Core Skills: Afterhours support, taking care of Relativity related issues and inquiries; setting up new users on the Relativity platform; setting user/group permissions for attorney’s and paralegals during document reviews; creating and editing batch sets; searching for specific document sets by creating saved searches; creating and editing fields; loading data/natives/images to Relativity database; exporting productions and saved searches via RDC

Technical Highlights: Relativity, eCapture, Concordance, NUIX, Alegro, IPRO Tech Suite, Summation, Microsoft Office Suite, IConvert, Textpad, Notepad ++, Irfanview, Load file creation, Adobe Acrobat, Robocopy, Bestcrypt, Truecrypt, 7zip, Winzip/WinRar, Karen’s Print Directory, scanning/printing equipment


Relativity Coordinator
Location: Chicago, IL

Core Skills: Database Support of Relativity 9.3; custom Relativity processing, searching and review direction; creating processing, exporting, imaging, loading and productions specifications for client data; tailoring processing to client needs, such as inline image flagging; setting up coding panels, views and layouts; creating new fields and choices; carrying out inclusive review and near dupe review setup

Technical Highlights: Relativity Certified Reviewer (9.2), LAW EDD and Administrator, Concordance 10, Concordance Native Viewer, Opticon, iCONECT, Summation iBlaze 3.1, LiveNote, CaseMap, TextMap, Adobe Acrobat Professional, OmniPage, ImgBurn, TextPad, FTP, HTML Coding, Windows O/S, Mac OSX.

Certifications: Relativity Review Specialist

Christine, RCA , RCSP

Relativity Expert
Location: Chicago, IL

Core Skills: Creating workflows, processes and QC protocols in support of all administrative functions of Relativity in collaboration with Data Processing and Project Management teams; creating internal/on-boarding Relativity-specific curriculum for the Hosting and Project Management teams; documenting all Relativity workflows, templates and processes in coordination with Project Management Directors; providing high-level support to Hosting Solutions and Project Management teams for complex client requests and/or issues

Technical Highlights: Relativity, IPRO/eCapture, LAW, and SQL

Certifications: Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA), Relativity Certified User, Relativity Certified Sales Professional (RCSP)

Roger, RCA

Relativity-Certified Project Manager
Location: Austin, TX

Core Skills: Managing multiple concurrent projects from small forensic collections to large review projects with productions to regulators in U.S., Europe and Asia

Technical Highlights: Relativity, Clearwell, Equivio, Anagram, Vestigate

Certifications: Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA)


e-Discovery Manager
New York, NY

Core Skills: Team development from the ground up in support of Legal, Compliance and Human Resources; management of large teams (40+), training, coaching and mentoring for future growth

Technical Highlights: ZL Active Vault, Orchestria

Shazell, RCA

Relativity-Certified Project Manager
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Managing and assisting in the planning/execution of all document collections; conducting training sessions for the case teams and/or external clients in Relativity

Technical Highlights: Kcura’s Relativity version 9.2, Lexis Nexus Pre-Discovery LAW: 4.0 – 6.3, Lexis Nexus Concordance: 8 – 10 Ipro Premium Westlaw Case Notebook SQL Query and database manipulation Lateral Data’s Viewpoint (Processing, QC and Review) Microsoft (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Visio and Access): 2002 – 2013 Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Access Data Summation Blaze CT Discovery Cracker: 4.7 – 5 Image Cap’s Z-Print Adobe suite (7 – CC)

Certifications: Relativity Certified Administrator (RCA)


Litigation Support Specialist
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Ingestion, processing and production of documents through Law 5.0 and Ipro; trainer in Summation and CaseLogistix, and Relativity, database management and troubleshooting for CaseLogistix, Relativity and Summation including load manipulation

Technical Highlights: Relativity, Nuix, CaseLogistix, LiveNote, Stratify, Summation, IPRO, SQL server, Nuix, EnCase, Clearwell, Adobe Acrobat, Ringtail, IBM Atlas, Trial Director, CaseMap, Pro Law, DeltaView, Concordance, Case Notebook, Pearl, Python and XML Concordance certified, Law 5.0 certified

Certifications: Concordance, Law 5.0


Incident Response and IT Security
Location: Boston, MA

Core Skills: Daily design and management of incident response and vulnerability management plan for global network; works with SIEM and IDS/IPS tools to monitor, research and analyze various threats facing a company, as well as remediation

Technical Higlights: Programming Languages: C, C++, C3 Visual Basic, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, R; Operating systems: Windows XP/7/8, UNIX, Fedora, Kali Linux, CentOS; Tools: Wireshark, Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, Cylance, LogRhythm, ProDiscover, EnCase, OpenDNS, Sophos, Snort, Ettercap, Cisco Packet Tracer; Databases: ORACLE, SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, Hadoop, Mongo DB; Web Technologies: Tomcat Server, Servlet


Nuix Expert
Location: Minneapolis, MN

Core Skills: Managing multiple jobs within Relativity, Law PreDiscovery, Ipro, and Nuix; making procedural, documentation, and standard improvements recommendations; performing of ESI maintaining CoC protocol; processesing and producing ESI using with Relativity, Law PreDiscovery, Clearwell, and Nuix

Technical Highlights: Nuix, Relativity, LAW PreDiscovery, Ipro, and Clearwell.

Certifications: Nuix Certified eDiscovery Specialist


eDiscovery Analyst
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Processing data in eCapture, Running Discovery, and Nuix; using SQL to check for Invalid MD5 hash, Orphan documents, Invalid dates, and backing up database; writing queries for searching, updating databases, and updating records

Technical Highlights: LAW Pre-discovery 6.3, eCapture 6.2.2, Concordance, Ipro Suite, SQL, Adobe Pro, TextPad, Nuix


eDiscovery Project Manager
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Managing Relativity review databases and case systems and providing 24/7 troubleshooting and case management as needed

Technical Highlights: Relativity, Concordance, Law, Nuix, Eclipse, Ipro eCapture, Ipro Enterprise Suite, Analysis & Review Tools, Regex, PowerShell, Westlaw, Summation, Lotus Notes, highly technical with a strong understanding of litigation EDRM and document review software

Certifications: COMPTIA A Plus (A+) and Network Plus (N+) certified, completed Ipro Administrator Training

Christine, RCA

Project Manager with Relativity Expertise
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Core Skills: Managing Relativity environments and supporting highly complex, multi-language document review workflows; managing five tier review batching, imaging, Blackout redaction application, productions, translation exports, RDC imports, reviewer statistics and project summary reports; responsibility for Relativity environment health, server/application updates, SQL back-end queries, optimization scripts, monthly billing reports

Technical Highlights: LexisNexis Concordance Administrator (CCSA), Summation 5x/iBlaze 2x Administrator (Former SCT), MS SQL (used in Access programming, MS SQL Server backend of Relativity), Guidance Software’s EnCase, Equivio’s Near-Duplicate & Email Threading administration and processing, LexisNexis Law PreDiscovery 4x/5x, inData’s TrialDirector 4x/5x, MS Exchange Administration, MS SharePoint Administration and development, EMC’s eRoom Extranet Administration and customization, Basic Java and HTML, Boolean Search Design/Strategy

Certifications: Relativity Certified Administrator


Senior Project Manager/Cosultant
Location: Washington, D.C.

Core Skills: Project management, litigation support, e-discovery technology, data analytics

Technical Highlights: Relativity, Ringtail, Concordance, iCONECT, Certified ScrumMaster, Microsoft Office Suite Google Applications Apple Keynote / Pages, Document and Business Management Databases, Sketch, Axure, Mockplus, InVision, Marvel Prototyping, Adobe Creative Cloud GitHub, Atom Medium, Behance, WordPress, Squarespace

Certifications: ScrumMaster


Consultant/Project Manager
Location: Los Angeles, LA

Core Skills: Extremely knowledgeable and proficient with various database platforms as well as processing and collection programs/tools; database design for Relativity review platform and review reports; analysis and updating of foreign language search term reports, and strategic consulting with case teams on best practices for employment of ongoing searches

Technical Highlights: Relativity, DocuMatrix, Ringtail, Concordance, Clearwell, IPRO, Nuix, SQL, EnCase, FTK – Expert with MS Office Suite, Mac OS, iOS, Google Apps, West LiveNote


Forensic Consulting Engineer
Location: Oregon

Core Skills: Computer forensic investigation work for national law firms, accounting firms and private investigators

Technical Highlights: Network project management, virtual servers, firewall, VLAN, VPN, and other network solutions

Certifications: Guidance Software Encase Certified Examiner (EnCE), Guidance Software EnCase Computer Forensics I & II, Guidance Software EnCase Advanced Computer Forensics, Guidance Software EnCase Advanced Internet Examinations, Guidance Software EnCase Computer Forensics Transition, Guidance Software EnCase Intermediate Training


e-Discovery & Computer Forensic Consultant
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Core Skills: Experience includes forensic examinations and e-discovery data collections and processing; research of web functionality, operating systems, and server infrastructure for litigation; and review of data analysis and project system capabilities for legal and consulting firms, Coordinated research team analysis and provided testimony; led investigation teams for system and network compromises; reviewed large scale networks for evidence of computer hacks and malware; provided recommendations for remediation of compromise and proactive network and system protection; and evaluated data processing and analysis tools

Technical Highlights: Experience in forensic tools such as FTK, Cellebrite, and EnCase. Well-versed in e-discovery platforms including Nuix and Relativity

Certifications: EnCase Certified Examiner (ENCE), Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA), Concordance Certified Professional (CCP)


Nuix and LAW Certified Professional
Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Core Skills: Experience includes processing of big data in LAW PreDiscovery and Nuix for hosting in Relativity. This has included running deduplication utility to exclude duplicate documents based on MD5 Hash and running queries on document type and TIFF, OCR, EBL, and the export of documents

Technical Highlights: Experience doing the following: loading files with populated fields based on metadata in Concordance, concatenating fields in Excel to overlay back into LAW/Nuix for custom field population, and manipulating data in load files with text editors. Built search term reports in LAW and Relativity; run SQL queries for volume information such as data size, custodian, and others; built duplicate, exception, and size reports out of SQL; as well as loaded Review and Production volumes into Relativity. Created folder structure in Relativity at the client’s request, setup saved searches for clients to custom view data, populated display fields, and run dtSearch in Relativity for search term reports, Experienced in running quality checks on jobs completed by team members as well as primarily select statements for information on sizes of volumes

Certifications: Nuix and LAW, and has deep experience in Relativity


Seasoned e-Discovery Consultant
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Senior project management, litigation support, e-discovery technology, innovative development, data analytics, and computer forensics

Technical Highlights: Attenex, Ringtail, StoredIQ, Concordance, Summation, CaseMap and SQL