Senior Expert, e-Discovery
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Eliminating unwanted data using de-NIST and data forking techniques; protecting from legal threats and preventing lawsuits by collaborating with teams to develop a defensible data retention and deletion policy that safeguards organizational assets; decreasing false positives and data volumes required for review by analyzing keywords and Boolean searches using GREP, noise words, proximity, and indexing

Technical Highlights: Macintosh, OS, Linux, Unix, Novell, AIX, DOS, iOS, Android, EnCase (Enterprise, ECC), FTK Access Data and PRTK, Exterro Fusion, Atlas, Clearwell, Paraben, HBGary, Helix, S-Tool, QuickView, Passware, LinEN, Knoppix, SIFT Workstation, Blackbag, Cellebrite, EnCase Portable, Clearwell, Relativity, Concordance, Summation, MySQL, MS SQL, SharePoint, EnCase Cybersecurity, PGP, PSTool, NetCat, X-Scan, Nessus, VMWare, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Ghost

Certifications: EnCE


Forensic Contractor
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Upgrading PC/MAC hardware for users with various peripherals including monitors, dock stations, and display and ethernet adapters; performing backup, restoration, and transfer of user profiles; performing face-to-face troubleshooting and repair of hardware and software issues; conducting forensic analysis of computer systems and other digital evidence

Technical Highlights: Cellebrite, EnCase, Palentir, Pindrop Security, Internet Evidence Finder, Wireshark, Nessus, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Certifications: CompTIA Security +


Legal e-Discovery Consultant
Location: Boise, ID

Core Skills: Consulting and providing ongoing support to clients in all phases of discovery, with an emphasis on strategic use of tools and technology; advising counsel on planning and implementation of complex and large-scale litigation, government investigation and internal audit e-discovery projects across a broad range of industries; managing e-discovery case managers responsible for delivering electronic discovery services; ensuring service is executed with the highest quality while exceeding the client’s expectations

Technical Highlights: Relativity


e-Discovery Project Manager
Location: Washington, D.C.

Core Skills: Delivering projects on time and within budget; consulting with clients from the planning stage through production of discovery material to substantially comply with data-driven matters; technology risk consulting for new technology implementation

Technical Highlights: Relativity, Summation Enterprise, Summation Pro

Certifications: Certified Summation Pro, LAW


Senior Manager
Location: New York, NY

Core Skills: Working with law firms, corporate counsel, litigation support managers, and paralegals to manage electronic data from collection through production; forensic analysis of digital media including computers, servers, cell phones and other mobile media storage devices

Technical Highlights: Relativity, EnCase, LAW PreDiscovery, Cellebrite, FTK, BlackLight, Regripper, IEF, Woanware, TrueCrypt/Veracrypt, Passware, Robocopy, Registry Viewer, Registry Explorer, Shellbag Explorer, Jump List Explorer, Gargoyle, MPE+, Oxygen, Aid4Mail, PowerControls, P2C, Emailchemy, Kernel Suite, FTK Imager, EnCase Imager, Raptor, Paladin, FastCopy, Forensic Explorer, MacQuisition