Candidate No. 77932

Cybersecurity Engineer
Atlanta, GA

Core Skills: Conducting detailed analysis of systems where breaches of critical IT infrastructure have occurred; providing root cause analysis, impact assessments and rapid responses for identification, containment and eradication; serving as a main Incident Response technical escalation point for all SOC analysts in regards to complex security events and investigations; hunting threats across all datasets (network and endpoint) for adversary activity including “living off the land” techniques

Technical Highlights: EnCase, FTK, Sleuth Kit, F-Response, SIFT, X-Ways, Splunk, Axiom, Volatility, LiME, Sentinel One, TCPDump, CrowdStrike Falcon, Endgame, RSA Netwitness, REMnux, Cisco AMP, Security Onion, Full Packet Capture, Wireshark

Certifications: GREM, GDAT, SSCP, CySA+, GNFA, Security +, GCFE, Network +, GCFA, Linux +, GPEN, GCIH, LPIC-1, C|EH

Candidate No. 78486

Digital Forensics
San Francisco, CA

Core Skills: Conducting acquisition of mobile devices, hard drives, virtual servers and memory; performing forensic analysis using industry standard tools; working with evidence items ranging from Android, iOS / MacOS, Windows, Linux / Unix systems, virtual machines, servers, external drives, email accounts, cloud accounts, and various types of log and database files; investigating for evidence of intrusions with malicious software or files, lateral movement, intellectual property theft, phishing attacks, ransomware, business email compromise, wire fraud, and bad insider or former employee behavior

Technical Highlights: FTK Imager, EnCase, X-Ways, MacQuisition, Cellebrite, Guymager, Belkasoft RAM Capture, BlackLight, Wireshark, Volatility, Splunk

Candidate No. 78242

ESI Project Manager
Dallas, TX

Core Skills: Providing training and guidance on litigation support, ESI, document review tools and technology; managing data collections and productions; processing and loading ESI; coordinating attorney review projects; creating and managing electronic databases and web applications; developing and presenting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) presentations and training programs; developing and implementing "best practice" processes and protocols

Technical Highlights: CaseMap, EnCase, Relativity, Ringtail, Brainspace, Ipro, TrialDirector, eCapture, LiveNote

Certifications: Certified Brainspace Analyst