The Contract Staffing Revolution is here and now.

There are 53 million Americans--that's 34% of the US workforce--working on contract. Many e-discovery project managers and technical analysts have hit a concrete ceiling of vertical and financial mobility and are seeking alternative professional pathways. The consolidation of dominant market tools such as Relativity, LAW, and NUIX has allowed for greater standardization of skills and thus greater choice of talent to handle most projects. Larger projects happen less often as a result of the adoption of Managed Service Agreements as well as advances in technology, but when landmark litigation hits, TRU is there to provide a vast amount of contract resources to scale rapidly. Millenials are now the vast majority of middle market talent and crave the contract lifestyle, while veterans in e-discovery yearn for the days of paid overtime, which TRU provides all contractors.

Why use TRU contract staffing?

TRU maintains an active roster of available e-discovery and cybersecurity professionals ready to deploy within 24 hours throughout the globe. Our pool of talent consists of e-Discovery Consultants, Project Managers & Analysts; Relativity Certified Administrators; Forensic Examiners & Data Breach Remediators; Pen-testers; Threat Analysts; Programmers; Business Development professionals, and more.

  • If your company is looking for predictable pricing models, check out our Managed Staffing Service programs.
  • If you are an organization in need of immediate talent for urgent or unexpected projects, check out our Surge Staffing solutions. TRU also releases a weekly Surge Staffing newsletter, giving our clients real-time exposure to immediately available talent hitting the market.
  • If you are a Fortune 1000, Am Law 200, or major e-discovery service provider in need of part-time information security expertise, TRU encourages you to explore our unique CISO as a Service offering.

TRU has developed a proprietary workflow allowing for one-click timesheet approval that brings transparent reporting, streamlined and efficient invoicing, project or case-specific itemization, and, most importantly, an elimination of wasted time, effort and energy on your part to organize and approve hours. All TRU contractors are on TRU payroll, eliminating your company's financial and operational overhead from: salaries, payroll taxes/processing expenses, Workers Comp insurance, health insurance and benefits, onboarding paperwork and I-9 verification, background checks and education verification, HR administrative responsibility and oversight, employee liability insurance, unemployment, bonuses and severance.

Read TRU founder and CEO Jared Coseglia's 3-part series for Legaltech News that is the blueprint for why, when, and how The Contract Staffing Revolution can and will have an affect on your company and career.

Why become a TRU contractor?

TRU contractors are not just professionals who are out of work. Candidates looking for an alternative career path choose to join TRU Staffing Partners for a variety of reasons. When you are a TRU contractor, you are a member of our family. As a W-2 employee, we handle your payroll taxes, pay you time and a half for qualified overtime, give you the opportunity to join our health insurance group, and even provide 401K matching contributions. Most importantly, we don't treat you like a line item; TRU takes an intimate and meaningful involvement in your professional development and career advancement. TRU has access to hundreds of law firms, corporations, service providers, government agencies, and consultancies for contracts all over the world and also working remotely from home. TRU provides both short and long-term contract options. TRU contractors typically sustain a 52-week salary with only 40 weeks of contracting.

If you're interested in learning more about becoming a TRU Contractor, start by reaching out to the TRU representative nearest you. The fastest and most efficient way for us to get to know you is by completing an application.